Your entire life you have planned to ensure that your family
has everything they need -- a home, food, clothing,
education, and security.  But have you thought about
planning for one of the most important decisions of your life.

As families develop and grow so does the added financial

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quote for your insurance needs.

FOR NOW... and throughout their growing years, the GREAT
START Plan provides all the basic life insurance you need
on your child.  

From $5,000.00 up to $20,000.00

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Qualified applicants can apply in as little as 10 minutes and
get a Term Life policy approved within days, with no medical
exam required. Other life insurance policies can take months
to buy. Also, our Term Life offers you guaranteed
rates--premiums are locked in for each term period.

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Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company's (GTL) whole life plans provide
guaranteed protection and level rates for a lifetime.

Applying for life insurance has never been simpler and should only take 5
minutes.  Just get an online quote, select your premium, apply online, and
submit your premium.  Everything is done online with no paperwork.  No
insurance agent will visit.

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The Drug Card America Card is a non-insurance discount card that provides
saving solutions for individuals & Families. Our aim is to minimize your
"out-of-pocket" expenses for your prescriptions. This program offers up to
50% savings on prescription drugs. The discount fees are honored at
participating pharmacy providers.

Member can use the card for his/her personal benefit or the benefits of
his/her spouse, dependent children and any permanent resident in the
member's household.  There is no cost to join, just print off the card and
enter your name and birthdates of family members that wish to save on

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Short Term Medical insurance provides comprehensive temporary health
insurance coverage which provides against catastrophic costs of
unexpected medical bills. Temporary health insurance is designed for
people who need health insurance coverage for up to 12 months.

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The BeniCard "opens the door" to provider networks so that
you can obtain "wholesale" prices for doctors, dentists,
hospitals and other provider services. This means our
cardholders enjoy the same "wholesale" rates for their
doctor and hospital provider services, along with contract
pricing on prescription, dental, vision and hearing services.

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